"Public Land, Personal Agendas"


We will be discussing issues regarding the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California, but we know that our local issues are similar to others in the United States. This site could grow. All concerned citizens are welcome to participate, post comments and send us information that affects them.

The basic tenet of this website is that public lands ought to be freely accessed by everyone to whom they belong, and that decisions ought to be made by and in the greatest good of those they directly affect. We, The People, are often referred to as "visitors" by The Forest Service, The Parks Department, Bureau of Land Management etc. Never let them forget that we are the Owners of these lands.

We are also here to keep an eye on the decision-makers and other employees that we, The Citizens & Taxpayers, have employed to manage our lands. If you wish to send us watchdog type information to publiclands@gmail.com, you will remain anonymous if necessary. Otherwise, feel free to utilize the Comment feature of this site to make your opinions known.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming Soon!!

Stay tuned here for a web-based community that discusses issues regarding the closure and mismanagement of public lands.